Please email H.R. immediately if you do not receive an email confirmation that you applied online for a job.



The process will begin once an application has been submitted. The City of Mansfield will notify all candidates once eligible. A non-refundable application fee ($20.00 cash) is due on test day.


Applicants who pass the written test are placed on an eligible list, in rank order, based on their examination grade and any applicable extra credit. The physical agility test will follow.


Ohio Peace Officer Training Academy (OPOTA) coupled with a 14-week hands-on field training with a training officer. This will vary if you are a Lateral Transfer.

2022-2023 Civil Service Selection Timeline

1) Completed application along with required documentation submitted to the City’s Human Resources Department.Friday, December 30, 2022 – Friday, January 27, 2023
2) Civil Service Exam – Located at FOP Lodge 32, 315 Concord Ave., Mansfield, Ohio 44906Saturday, February 11, 2023 at 8:30 am
3) Applicants take the physical agility test – Must pass written Civil Service Exam
Location: Malabar Middle School Track – 205 W. Cook Road, Mansfield, OH
Saturday, March 4, 2023 at 9:00 am
4) Applicants meeting all application criteria are placed on a civil service list of eligible candidates, in descending order of
assessment score, inclusive of extra credit.
Certified list is good for one (1) year from the date
of certification
Questions? Please Call (419) 755-9695

For vacancies within the Police Division, the Safety-Services Director requests a list of ten (10) candidates then standing highest on the appropriate certified civil service list.

The Police Division performs a background check on each of the candidates from the certified eligibility list. The check involves:

  • Employment History
  • Education History
  • Financial History
  • Polygraph Exam/CVSA
  • PRADCO Assessment
  • Motor Vehicle & Traffic History
  • Criminal Background Check
  • Employment & Personal History
  • Reference Check

After the background check, eligible candidates are subject to a second interview by the City’s Oral Review Board.

All candidates are either rejected or recommended for further consideration to the appropriate Chief, who then recommends candidates for hire to the Safety-Service Director.

Approved candidates must pass medical, drug and psychological examinations before an offer of employment is made.

Length of process is dependent on vacancies approved to be filled not to exceed the two (2) year limit of the certified list.

A $20.00 CASH fee must be paid at the time the Civil Service exam is given

Please present a valid photo ID at the time of the exam


The Mansfield Civil Service Rules & Regulations allow for extra credit to be granted to candidates for applying for positions within the City’s Safety Forces. Those credits include veteran’s credit, educational credit and residency credit. The credit allowed by each of these is as follows:

  • Veteran – 20%
  • Educational (“Maximum educational credit is 10%)
    • Bachelor’s Degree – 10%
    • Associates Degree – 5%
    • Peace Officer Training Certification – 10%
  • Residency – 10%
    • Even if both reside in the City of Mansfield and graduated from a Richland County High School, maximum is 10%

Total credit allowed is no more than 20% (ex: A Veteran, with a Bachelor’s degree, would have a maximum credit of 20% as a Veteran, not 30% for both. If not a Veteran, but possess a Bachelor’s degree and was a graduate of a high school in Richland County, the credit would be 20% (10% + 10%).

Please email H.R. immediately if you do no receive an email confirmation that you applied online for a job.


Paid training, opportunities for specialization and advancement are just a few of the benefits which make the Mansfield Police Department a great choice for anyone seeking a career in law enforcement.


BaseProbationary OfficersCompletion of Year 1Completion of Year 2
Pay RateStart At: $52,778$55,449 + $6,500 Retention BonusTop Pay: $72,389
* Based on contractual raises and step increases *


Anthem Health Insurance:

  • Anthem Blue Access PPO
  • Flexible Spending Account (FSA) available
  • Prescription coverage
  • VSP Vision and Delta Dental Insurance

Life Insurance:

  • Group life insurance in the amount of $25,000
  • Professional Liability Insurance

Working Hours:

  • Patrol Officers work 8-hour shifts
  • 96 hours of vacation time per year
  • 120 hours of sick time accrued per year
  • 24 hours of Personal Time per year
  • 12 paid holidays per year

Seniority/Longevity Incentives:

  • $100 Longevity pay per year of service
  • Additional vacation days:
    • Eight years but less than fifteen years: 144 Hours
    • Fifteen years but less than twenty years: 192 Hours
    • Twenty years or more: 240 Hours

Educational Incentive:

  • Tuition Reimbursement up to a Master’s Degree

Additional Compensation:

  • Overtime Opportunities
  • Compensatory Time Option
  • Paid Court Attendance
  • Call-In Pay Opportunities
  • Special Detail Opportunities
  • Afternoon & Night Shift Differential Pay ($1.00 per hr.)
  • $1,000 Annual Uniform Allowance

Equipment and Gear Provided:

  • One (1) Sig Sauer P320 Handgun
  • First three (3) summer uniforms and three (3) winter uniform shirts
  • Academy Uniforms (if applicable)
  • One (1) Ballistic Vest (replacement vest every 5 years)
  • Full duty belt and duty rig holders
  • One (1) Radio, one (1) Taser and one (1) OC

Ohio Police & Fire Pension Plan with D.R.O.P. Option

Please email H.R. immediately if you do no receive an email confirmation that you applied online for a job.